Your Wedding Day

It is your special day.
I will create a ceremony that reflects the kind of ceremony that you are envisioning.
Whether it is small and intimate, large and elaborate, traditional or contemporary,
I will create your dream wedding.
I like to get to know you both, to hear your story; how you both first met, what do you like to do together?
When did you decide you wanted to be with one another for ever?
What are the important things you value in your relationship?
What special reason did you have for deciding on the place for the ceremony?
What are your hopes and dreams for your future?
What do you imagine your wedding day being like?

My Celebrant services include:

My Promise:

Below is the assessment from Mary Hancock's Lecturer and principal of the Celebrant School - Auckland.

" Jillian,
You have designed and prepared a simple, meaningful and professional wedding ceremony for Jack and Jill.

It is beautifully crafted around the 3 stage framework and this reflects your good working awareness of the eight step process of ceremony design - great work indeed Jillian!

The wedding ceremony itself is a delight - The commencement has a richness and depth, that leads well into the manifesting - this has a huge heart, expanding out from the blessing and invocation into the centrality of the ceremony - their separate vows are a delight indeed. The drum roll again after their pronouncement of marriage will be just perfect - leading to the conclusion where Jack and Jill drum for themselves - their love- their marriage and life together...

Great work Jillian.

In your presentation you had a gentle and quiet presence as the celebrant. You where very grounded and professional- holding your folder well,

Excellent use of pace and pause. You delivered powerful words - which were deeply genuine. Go well in this work Jillian! "

Mary Hancock.

Other Ceremonies include:
Re- affirmation of Marriage Commitment.
House Blessings.
Letting Go - Separation Ceremony.
Baby naming or Welcoming Ceremony.
Rites of Passage

Milestone Celebrations:

Jillian Taylor
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